Maria Schina was born in Athens - Grecce. She lives and works in Athens and in Kythera island. She has graduated the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and had her Master Deggree in Digital Arts in Fine Art School of Athens. Her work consists of sculptures, installations and videos.

She collaborates with the composer Panayotis Leftheris, and together  they are the founders of "Kytherios Music". "Kytherios Music" is an independent recording label based on the Greek island of Kythera.  It is also a cultural forum which organizes art-music events.

Since 2011, she works as curator in the gallery "Follow your Art", in Kythera island. In 2015 she currated the exhibition 'Thread and shades" in "The Loft' gallery.



Solo exhibitions

2019: "Illusion", Eugenides Foundation, Tidal Flow art, curator Jenny Tsoubri, Athens, Greece

2016: "Pixels of Time", Follow Your Art Gallery, Kapsali, Kythera

2015: Kino-Kythera, "Passage", Municipal Library of Kythera, Kythera island, Greece

2013: "Nostos", Photographic Encounters, Chora, Kythera

2011: "DISPERSION", Photographic Encounters, Chora, Kythera

2008: "The winder", Zeidοrοs Centre for the Arts and Education, Kapsali, Kythera


Group exhibition

2020: Geophilosophy project, Grove of Nea Smirni, Athens, Greece

2018-2019: 8th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2018, “Data”, Urbino, Italy, The Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania, The Plunge Municipal Clock Tower Library, Lithuania, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL, U.S.A. and Reed Library of the State University of New York at Fredonia, USA.

2019: "6 X 3+6", S.G. Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

2018: "ICONOPHONIA", Chorus Effect, Philarmoniki Hall, Kythera island, Greece

2017: "Tidal Flow Relocated", Cyclades Municipal Art Gallery, Ermoupolis, Syros island, Greece

2017: "Tidal Flow Revisited", Piraeus Municipal Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

2016: 'Fata Morgana', Orange Water Festival II, Santorini Arts Factory, Santorini, Greece

2016: Performance Biennial, 'No Future', Athens-Kythera, Greece

2016: ''Landscape of Memory,", Orange Water Festival, Santorini Arts Factory, Santorini, Greece

2015: Landscape of Memory, Orange Water Festival, Paros - The Loft, Athens

2015: "Thread and Shades", The Loft, Athens

2014: "Marquis de Sade and the virtue of cruelty΅, ChaniArt 2014, Trianon center, Chania, Crete

2014: "Crossing Borders", Gallery Schaeffers Gate 5, Oslo, Norway

2014: "Diversity", Art Space Panos Archolekas, Aghia Theodoti, Ios, Greece

2013: ChaniaArt2013, Dialogues of Ariadne and Penelope",curators Athena-Vassiliki Vagenou and I. Archodakis, Trianon Megaron, Chania, Crete.

2013: "Big Crisis Small Art", group exhibition, "Follow your Art" gallery, Kithira, Greece

2012: "Big Crisis Small Art", group exhibition, "Follow your Art" gallery, Kithira, Greece

2011: "Experimenta 01 - Contemporanea Euromediterranean Artworks", Canicattini Bagni, Siracusa, Italia

2011: "Πνοή", Anual group show of 'Kythiriscus', Follow your Art, Kapsali, Kythera

2011: 'TIO ILAR IV', ELGEKA, Athens, Greece

2011: 'NOT FEMALE AT ALL', Chorostasio, Athens, Greece

2010: "Possession", group show, Zeidοrοs Centre for the Arts and Education, Kapsali, Kythera

2010: "ART ATHINA 2010", parallel programme - Greek Artists' Books

2009: "Landscape Stories - from tradition to sustainability", San Marco dei Cavoti, Italy

2009: "Landscape Stories - from tradition to sustainability", Basilica of St. Marco, Herakion-Crete and Baths of Aerides, Plaka-Athens

2009: “Isola”, group exhibition with ‘Kythiriscus’, Kamares. Kapsali, Kythera

2009: Group exhibition, Zeidοrοs Centre for the Arts and Education, Kapsali, Kythera

2009: " Shield and Symbol - From the Ancient Veil to the Hijab ", Athinays" Theatre and "Alekton" Theatre

2008: Group exhibition with ‘Kythiriscus’, Mercato, Chora, Kythira

2008  ‘Panayotis Fatseas – Faces of Kythera 1920-1938’, presented the film  "Panayotis Fatseas – The Kytherian Photographer” Benaki Museum,Pireos Street Annexe, Athens

2008:  ‘A record", Exhibition Hall "The Factory", Athens School of Fine Arts

2008: "Momentus"- Kythiriscus, Gallery Navdetο, Nafplio

2006: ‘In praise of Olive’, Building of United Nations, New York, U.S.A

2005: ‘Transitional Athens’, Byzantine Museum of Athens, Athens, Greece

2004: ‘Olympics of Visual Arts’, Athens, Greece

2004: Group exhibition, Astiko Scholio, Potamos, Kythera, Greece

2003: Group exhibition of microsculpture, Conjectural Chamber of Arts, Athens, Greece

2002: ‘Nieuwland’, Gallery  "Germinahof", Eindhoven, Holland

2002: ‘Final exhibition’, Gerrit. Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Holland

2002: ‘DE BIENNALE VAN DE EEN MINUTEN, Central Museun of Utrecht, Utrecht, Holland

2002: ‘HEDEN IN VERLEDEN/NOW’, Group Exhibition, The Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland

2001: ‘Contemporary Exhibition inspired by Kithira’, Group Exhibition, Cultural Center of Kithira, Kithira, Greece 

2001: ‘Terra Kunstproject’, Group Exhibition, Zoetermeer, Holland



2018: Caprichos de Goya, Audiovisual performance for guitar and Video, Concept-Performance: Nikos Zarkos, Italian Cultural Institute, Athens, Greece

2016: 'Manolis Fatseas" presentation of the video Manolis Fatseas-Panayotis Fatseas - 80 years of Photographing Kythera" Kythera, Greece.

2013: "Crossing Borders" festival, Meropion Foundation, Athens, Greece.

2010: MIR festival 2010, "Sail your red ship", Gallery: Exile Room, Athens, Greece

2010: "Voluntary Electrocution" - Video presentation for the piece of Fani Kosona "Sail your red ship", Bios

2009: International Film Festival of Patras, “Towards a new beginning”, Patra, Greece

2009: 11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Parallel program “Towards a new beginning", Thessaloniki

2008: Short Film Festival of Drama - Didi2008, "Panayotis Fatseas – The Kytherian Photographer

2008: Intercultural Day “Towards a new beginning”, Short Film, Chora, Kythera

2007: Athens Art Video Festival, Athens, Greece

2007: "Hybrid City", Bios, Pireos 84,  British council “Metropoli’s”, artists from Athens-    Belgrade- Glasgow- Instanbul, collaborative web project,  Athens, Greece

2005: 6th Festival 2:13: Small Music Theatre, Athens

2003: ‘Shadows in Time’,  A Conteporary Music Project,, Open Theatre,Athens, Greece,

2002: ‘Shadows in Time’,  A Conteporary Music Project, participation with videos in the pieces: “Tapes and Photos” and “Autopsy”, Kithera, Greece,

2001: ‘The Siren’s song’, Contemporary music Concert of Panayotis Leftheris, - Stage set and 6 video presentation -, Kithera, Greece

2001: Contemporary Music Concert, Video presentation,"Eleon", sound P.Leftheris-, De Ijsbreaker, Amsterdam, Holland

2001: ‘May festival’, Video presentation -sound P.Leftheris-, Korzo theatre, Den Haag, Holland



2014: Grove Throne, Video for the construction of a sculpture by Pat Kaufman

2008: “Towards a new beginning”, Short film, assigment by "Κ.Ι.Π.Α", Kythera

2001: ‘Ice’, A video for ‘Sara Lee Coorporation’, Amsterdam, Holland

Maria Schina                                                                                                           Visual Artist